Dine in the Village

Looking for something tasty? The Village has what you're looking for. Whether you are looking for a cozy fine dining spot, a healthy lunch, something Asian, or a really great burger, you'll find it and a host of options. Sushi? The best in town. British pub grub? Check. Great pizza or pasta? Double check! Something sweet? Oh yeah! Triple check.

The Village is known for great dining and nightlife. The range of options is vast and they are all within a few short blocks of each other. Can't make up your mind? Take a stroll down Osborne Street and you are sure to find the perfect palate pleaser.

Where else in the city can you depend on finding a bite until 4 am? For the real foodies, we can offer you some of the best bets in the city. With wine lists that offer adventure in every glass and pubs ready to provide your favourite porter, stout or lager, you'll what you're looking for.