The Village

Osborne Village is among Winnipeg’s oldest neighborhoods. It has changed greatly over the last hundred years but its rich history is still evident in the architectural details of many of its buildings, as well as in the overall pattern of settlement which has come to embody this unique neighborhood.

Osborne Village is one of several neighborhoods that comprise Fort Rouge, an area that was amalgamated in to the city of Winnipeg as Ward 1 in 1882.  The population of the area at that time was only 150 but rapidly developed overt the years.  By 1900, it grew to a population in the thousands and by 1910, to a population in the tens of thousands.

The first streetcar, known as “The Parkline” ran down Osborne Street in 1891.  Another major factor in the development of the Village was the construction of the three bridges over the Assiniboine River; the Osborne Street Bridge (1882), the Maryland Bridge (1894), and the Main Street Bridge (1897).

Much of the area’s population during the turn of the century was English and Protestant, evident in the churches that were built during this time, mostly along Nassau Street.  The Victoria Hospital was built early in the century at the corner of Bole Street and River Avenue.  The second public park in the City, Assiniboine Park (later Fort Rouge Park) was situated along River Avenue in 1894.    The area remained much the same until the late 1960’s when it began to evolve into Winnipeg’s most dynamic and eclectic shopping districts with a unique Bohemian flavour.

If you’re looking for that perfect little dress, that hard to find CD, or the right gift for that special person you’ll find it all in Osborne Village.

Boutiques and shops from the trendy to the sophisticated will satisfy the fashionista in you!  Eclectic gifts and artistic treasures about in Osborne Village numerous shops are sure to satisfy everyone on your shopping list.

Fresh baked bread and healthy food stores will keep your grocery list interesting and delicious.  Whether you’re looking for the right shoes to go with that fantastic new dress or the right gift for someone who has everything, you’re heading in the right direction.  Crafts, antiques, retro fashion or jewelry, the village has long stood as Winnipeg’s obvious choice for serious shoppers.

Looking for something tasty?  The village has what you are looking for!  Whether you are looking for a cozy fine dining spot,  a healthy lunch, something Asian or a great burger, you’ll find it and a host of other options.

Sushi? Burritos? Pizza? Something sweet? Check, check and double check.  You will find it all in Osborne Village.
Where else in the city can you depend on finding a bite to eat at 4am? For the real foodies, we can offer you some of the best choices in the city.  With wine lists that offer adventure in every glass and pubs ready to provide you with your favorite porter, stout, or lager, you’ll find what you’re looking for.

The range of options is vast and they are all within a few short blocks of each other.  Can’t make up your mind?  Take a stroll down Osborne Street and you are sure to find the perfect palate pleaser.

Wanna dance?  Looking for a great place to catch a show?  Want to celebrate over a few pints?  Martinis with friends?  The Village rock, rolls and moves to some great beats.  Osborne Village is open late for those looking for a little late night fun.

From top bands to the hottest new local talent, all of them can be found in the Village's various music venues, restaurants and clubs.  Whether you're looking to shake it to the music of the eighties or groove to some of the hottest DJ's out there, Osborne Village Spins great music.

Whatever your music craving, the Village after dark will satisfy your appetite.  Craving a bite to eat as well? Don't forget there are many great food places open late.