Ambassador Foot Patrol Program

The Ambassador Foot Patrol Program will begin in early May, 2018. The foot patrol has been a project the BIZ has been working towards for three years.  Osborne Village is the most densely populated neighborhood in Winnipeg and with that comes the want and need for a confirmation of safety.  The ambassador foot patrols, also known as the "Bumblebees" are there just to do that!


The official annojncement of the Osborne Village Foot Patrol Program


Walk Program

Would you feel more comfortable walking to your vehicle after dark in the Osborne Village? The Ambassador Foot Patrol Program offers a Walk Program on Friday and Saturday nights from 9:00 pm-2:00 am in the Village. Call or Text  the foot patrol at 204-797-0831 between the Walk Program hours and be escorted with in confidnce.