Village is full of flavors


Featuring the unique culture that is Osborne Village. Taste the Village is the perfect way to kick off the Fall season. Featuring tastings from Thai to Mexican and  Australian to Italian.

Satisfy your sweet tooth from the bakeries and cake shops. Sushi lovers will get their fill from the sashimi and maki roll samples.  Experience the Nu age of burgers from crepe styles to waffles.  

Chef Cook Offs

Osborne Village chefs will go head to head in a chef cook off to win the Chef Cook Off Champion Title.  Every hour two chefs will battle it out to see who can create the best dish. Each chef is given ten ingredients and a short list of supplies and equipment to use. They will have forty-five minutes to finish their presentation. A panel of five judges will decide who takes home the title. Chefs are judged on presentation, texture, taste, and overall experience.

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